“A job well done.”

“ I have been doing my research on solar for about a year and finally decided to install on my house. After careful consideration of what company to use and many meetings, I decided to go with Valley Unique Electric. From the start with Jason (sales) to the install with a great group of guys that really took their job personally to do a great job and very nice install. I had a electrical panel upgrade and the electrician Sai( don’t know if I’m spelling right) was absolutely awesome and took pride in his work to make me happy. The Co owners of Valley Unique Electric Mark, Walt, I want to thank them for a job well done and hiring great employees that take pride in their work and have great work ethic. I highly recommend Valley Unique Electric for all your Electric and solar needs.I would also like to thank Michelle in the office who was so helpful on following up on everything on my solar to make sure all was working, as well as setting up my monitoring of my system on my phone.”
— Don M.

“Amazing service.”

“VUE installed my solar in May of 2017 and I couldn’t be happier! Amazing service, quick install, AND I’m paying next to nothing to my utility company.”

— Lisa B

“A truly great local company”

“The service valley Unique provided was outstanding and we would recommend Valley Unique to any company in need Electric Work or Solar panels. A Truly great local company to work with.”

— Lou A.


“We looked a four different solar companies in our area and found VUE was able to provide a very competitive system with one of the best warranties and the most efficient panels available at this time. Their installation crew verified the installation requirements I asked for and proceeded to meet my request for a floating panel look. The wiring was installed thru the attic, so no conduit was shown on the roof or at the electrical panel. Our new solar electrical panel was installed in the garage to continue with a stealth look. Our interaction with the VUE solar team from quote to final inspector was very good. Shauna, Andy, James and Michelle were outstanding. If you need a system with top quality components at a very competitive price, call Shauna Coyle and tell her you want a great solar system like David’s from Sanger.”
— David D.

“Highly recommend!”

“My husband and I had been discussing solar for awhile but all the options just seemed overwhelming. We were lucky enough to be given a recommendation to call Shauna Coyle. Shauna explained every part of the process, was always available to us by email and by phone and was professional, kind and patient. We decided to do a carport for our solar and I wanted a specific look. Shauna coordinated with the contractor and had plans drawn up. We couldn’t be happier with our finished product. If you are considering solar we highly recommend Shauna Coyle and Valley Unique!”

— J S.

“A commitment to customer service that I thought no longer existed.”

“Shauna Coyle has been integral to my positive experiences with Valley Unique Electric. She met with me, answered my questions, made intelligent suggestions and helped me size the number of panels on my roof; eventually making sure all 32 panels were installed before the end of 2019, allowing me to claim the maximum tax credit. I was very satisfied with the services and product provided by Valley Unique Electric. But then it got better.

Recently, I have been working closely with Shauna to troubleshoot energy production issues I thought my system was experiencing. Shauna immediately suggested having the panels cleaned and then promptly made all arrangements to do so (all at no charge!). When I continued to have questions, she offered to run a comparison of my energy production against an industry software product that compares my production with what ‘could be expected’ and tailored to the location of my home and number of panels. Shauna provided me with the print out which showed my system was out performing predicted power generation. She has also reached out to the inverter manufacturer for documentation regarding typical variance in energy production for adjacent panels. Shauna’s demonstrated a commitment to customer service that I thought no longer existed. Thank you Shauna! ”

— Paul P.